Professional carpet cleaning services always follow two types of floor mat cleaning procedure, dry method or wet method. The dry cleaning method just follows using dry-cleaning solvents and fluids for removing dirt and stains from the carpet. The wet cleaning procedure is followed by mixing cleaning solvents and shampoo with water. Many carpet cleaning companies use the hot water extraction method or even steam cleaning process, which falls under the wet cleaning category.

Treating the Stains

Treating the stains can be the best way to start with the overall cleaning system before choosing the commercial carpet cleaners. Here are some tips that might come in handy in removing the stains before the stains adhere to the threads making it difficult to get rid of.

  • The stains from the sponge ball point tip can be removed with the help of the cloth that is dipped into vodka. If the stain still persists, then you can try using the spot remover or cleaning solvent by directly adding one or two drops. You can even use glycerine for blotting the stain.
  • The multi-purpose stain remover or dry-cleaning solvent is the best suggested solution for removing lipstick stains. Adding grease solvent can also offer wonderful effect.
  • If you accidentally drop the chewing gum on the carpet, then you can try placing the Ziploc bag filled with ice cubes on the gum, till it completely hardens. Slowly crunch the fabric stuck on the gum in clockwise and anticlockwise direction to loosen its hold. Now, you can easily peel the gum off of the carpet.

Vacuum cleaning the area can clean the tiny gum pieces that are shattered all over the carpet after the procedure.

There are many procedures, which come in handy to get rid of the pet stains, stains from the urine of kids and pets, etc. Check it out at for the extended ideas about getting rid of the unwanted smears.

Standard Periodic Intervals for Cleaning your Carpets

Every microbe or dust particle that enters into the carpet layers starts corroding them which in turn dulling the appearance of the carpet. The excess accumulation of microbes may even make the carpet to give out stale odour, which is an indication that your carpet needs servicing. You may have to get your carpet serviced once in 4 to 6 months if you find,

  • Grit and fine dirt particles that are usually found on the outdoor and moist on carpets.
  • Winter salts that are commonly found on the parking lots or walkways.
  • Residual oils from the factories or car exhaust facilities, or any other such facility.
  • Sand particles from the parking lot or any other such production facility.
  • Stains of the chemicals that are used in manufacturing plants or on grass.

Carpets that are used in the places such as day-care facilities, restaurants, nursing homes, retail stores, medical facilities, etc, and all other such places where the food is prepared and the high foot traffic is found require cleaning at least every three months once.